We are a non-profit Property Owners Association created to protect and enhance the quality of our community through mutual membership and co-operation of residents.

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DoubleTree West in Winfield, Indiana
A Place to Call Home

Doubletree West is a community of over 300 homes. Originally developed as part of Double Tree Lake Estates the Doubletree West POA was incorporated in October of 2018 as a non-profit association of homeowners. It was created to facilitate the transition from the original POA to separate the East and West communities to more fairly assess and provide required services to each community.

The Volunteer Board of Directors was elected to oversee the transition and serve as the first officers of the POA. They have a variety of backgrounds and experience to help achieve the desired goals.

Maxwell Management is the property manager with offices in Winfield at 8080 E. 109th Ave. The Maxwell Management team has over 40 years experience in real estate and business management and will be available to service the needs of the Board and the residents.

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